Saturday, 2 January 2016

Flluid offers World Cuisine in Indian Flavor

It’s very difficult to seek our comfort level in fast pacing life. Morning to evening rush-rush, even leisure moments like celebrations, shopping, movie watching have become a part of race. Then dining out our favorite three meal Indian course luxuriously is just impossible. Stuffing our self with fast food is the only way out, ignoring our taste buds who ask for something else. Giving the solution to this biggest and the most common problem, Flluid at Mosaic Hotels, sector 18 Noida has launched its new menu that has a very subtle Indian flovour in selected famous world cuisine.

Diners are mesmerized to relish Taco inspired by Indian flavors. Non-vegetarian has perfect option of Mutton Boti Taco and vegetarian indulgence is Matar Mushroom Taco. Not only is the filling even covering dough similar to parantha.
Food connoisseurs’ excitement doesn’t stop when they get French dish Quesadilla in Indian preparation. Chicken Tikka with Cheese and Jalapeno is the inside story. And for vegetarian, Chatpata Matar Paneer is an attraction.

Flluid has mind boggling salads variety which is being appreciated by guests like anything. Spicy Mexican Chicken Salad and Chatpati Chicken Tikka Pudina salad are not less exotic than a chaat. The ultimate mouth-watering recipe of such a healthy dish. When naan becomes a base of Pizza, then there is no limit of happiness.

Flluid has created an extra ordinary palate for everyone. The acceptance of its new menu is very high in families. Even senior citizen try their hands on world cuisine. During the business meal, the subtle Indian flavor of quick meals like Enchiladas, Hotdog, Quesadilla, salads etc. keeps Executive contended. Nestled in the commercial hub of Noida sector 18, Flluid is the most demanding restaurant for all age group. Youngsters get the great options of quick meals. Combo meals in Indian, Chinese and other cuisine are amazing. And super slashed down price is on top of all. Dining out becomes an experience without any hole in the pocket, what else one need beyond this? Indian flavor of world cuisine in a very economical price is the tribute of Flluid at Mosaic Hotel to Noida. For more details, call on 9650711665.

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