Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Launch of Kavita Devgan’s “Don’t Diet”

In today’s hectic life, nobody has time. We often skip our meals, time crunch compels us to jump upon junk food…no time for sun…insufficient water intake….end result is body getting fatter and weak from inside. As and when we realize, we rush to gym or yoga teacher or fitness experts or dietitian, nutritionist etc. Helplessly we follow their instructions, diet plan and try hard to inculcate it in our daily life. We continue it with full efforts for few days and get back to previous routine very soon as eating only 1 food item entire day again and again or keeping yourself on boiled food gets very tedious. Taking out time for gymming or yoga seems just impossible in the hustle-bustle day.

Here comes the Nutritionist and Weight Management Consultant Kavita Devgan who firstly analyze your lifestyle and then accordingly suggests the diet and exercise, so that one can follow it easily. She would never suggest to devote half and hour for yoga or gym, but she would strictly prohibit you for lift usage at home and office. According to her healthy fat (nuts, seeds, olive oil, sesame oil) is must for healthy living. She doesn’t believe in following a rigorous diet chat, instead achieving of smaller targets like not to skip the breakfast, drink 8-10 glasses of water etc. and rewarding oneself to keep the motivation up. If one is able to complete the targets for a week or 10 days, either go for movie or get pedicure or spa and all in order to inspire oneself to continue it in routine.

In fact Kavita Devgan understands the limitations of busy schedule and importance of staying fit. That’s why she has come up with her book “Don’t Diet” which is designed in the form of a manual with 50 habits divided into mind, food and lifestyle, each chapter with easy to follow advice and todo’s, with enough real life example to keep everyone motivated; it also has a 3 month health calendar, multiple tools to help a person lose weight and gain health, and a 3 month diary in the end where a person can log in details to keep himself/herself accountable. The format is in fact quite like the way Kavita Devgan practices with her clients... so this is basically more than just a self help book - it's a complete package, where people can design their own program and pick and change the habits they want to with the help of suggestions in the book.

Mosaic Hotels, Noida has launched the book recently. Guests were mesmerized with Kavita’s initiatives. Everybody was showering the wishes and compliments for her new venture. Jaico Publishing House has published the book. JAICO is at the forefront of publishing life-changing works by eminent authors in all spheres and has been doing so since its inception 68 years ago. While business titles, self-help, religion and philosophy and mind/body/spirit form the cornerstone of its non-fiction list. Jaico publishes an exciting range of travel, current affairs, biography and popular science books as well.

“Don’t Diet” is available at all prominent book stores. It can be purchase through online as well. One can order on amazon here ow.ly/XliA1

Friday, 18 March 2016

Celebrate Holi with Mosaic Hotels

Festivity brings happiness, togetherness, merriment and all these revolve around the food. This Holi, leave the hassle of cooking and get indulge into a wide array of delicacies from starter to main course to dessert to beverage and all. Celebrate Holi like never before…dip into glory of colors….have unlimited fun with your friends and family and let the bonding unfold many times…. Head to Mosaic Hotels, sector 18, Noida and relish Holi Thali to celebrate festival with the highest spirit.

Uplift the festivity mood with Masala Chaanch and go lighter with Dahi Pakori and Cucumber Salad. Flavorful indulgence starts with Paneer Tikka Shashlik and reaches up with Paneer Makhani, Gobhi Matar, Choley Masala, Arhar Dal Tadka giving company to Jeera Rice and variety of roties like Nana, Tandoori and Luccha. Visit Flluid or Latitude, Holi Thali is available for 2 days, 23rd and 24th March for lunch and dinner at Rs. 495 + taxes. For reservations, call at 9650711665. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Purani Dilli Ki Chaat in Flluid and Latitude

This spring season, nothing is better than indulging in khatta-meetha flavorful chaat with the soothing effect of curd. Mosaic Hotel, Noida invites you for ultimate indulgence in delectable chaat delicacies. Executive Chef Vijayant Rawat has picked up old Delhi recipes and presenting varieties of chaat which will leave you craving for more…

Gol Guppe with chatpata khaatta-meeta pani would tantalize the taste buds. Chaat delicacies like Papri Chaat, Aaloo Tawa Chaat, Papri Bhalla Chaat, Aaloo Chaat, Dahi Gujiya would give you shoothing effect from inside, on the other hand tongue twister flavors and crunchiness take you in another world.

Come to Mosaic Hotels at sector 18, Noida and satiate yourself with Purani Dilli Ki Chaat. Enjoy spring season with your friends and family and get indulge in nostalgic talk and evergreen flavors of Purani Dilli Ki Chaat. Promotion is going on in Flluid and Latitude both of the restaurants at Mosaic Hotels. For reservations, call at 9650711665  

Monday, 14 March 2016

SuperFit Sunday at Mosaic Hotels, Noida

Being a business Hotel, Mosaic is always concerned about professionals who work for more than 8-9 hours in front of desktop. Hectic schedule, long travelling hours, family commitments and social involvements never give space for exercising or gymming. Hence, after certain years, neck, back and shoulder pain, headache, eyestrain and overuse injuries of the arms and hands are the usual lifestyle diseases office goers face of. These ailments can be easily avoided by following simple exercise regimen on a daily basis. That’s why Mosaic Hotels has come up with SuperFit Sunday in association with FitMeIn and Soy For You.

Mosaic Hotels, Noida invited people from corporate world on Sunday, 13th March at 8 am for SuperFit Sunday. Fitness Experts from FitMeIn has taken a session of curated Desktop Yoga and Boot Camp. Nidhisha Varshney, Co-founder & CEO FitMeIn says “Desktop Yoga has been conceptualized in a way that while working on a system, professionals can twist and turn the body parts which are more ailments prone. It would not take much time, but surely and certainly take them towards healthy living.”

Healthy eating is another key factor of professionals’ health. Dependency on junk food is the major concern. Ankita, proprietor of Soy For You says “skipping breakfast or lunch and jumping on chips or burger or cold drink is very hazardous for health. That’s why Soy For You has come up with the healthy options.” Soy For You produces Soy milk and Tofu. Masala tofu and flavoured Soy milk are the healthy snack items of the brand. All the professionals who have attended SuperFit Sunday, tasted flavoured Soy milk as well.   

After the session, a scrumptious healthy breakfast was served at Flluid. Idli with coconut chutney, vegetable poha, vegetable daliya, Tofu & Soya Granules Grilled Cutlet, Egg White Masala Scrambled Egg, Chicken Ham Slice, Fruit tart, Tofu salad and much more were the low calories delicacies. Everybody enjoyed the fresh and rejuvenating Sunday.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Mosaic Hotels, Noida and Shoppers Stop celebrated Women’s day

Women are the biggest asset of the earth. Just to celebrate their glory and grace on the occasion of International Women’s Day, 8th March, Mosaic Hotels, Noida and Shoppers Stop have joined the hands together and celebrated in a great way.

Mosaic Hotels has done the set – up of Mocktail Making session in Shoppers Stop, Great India Place Mall situated store. Women shoppers have come delightfully to develop their skills for most demanding item of forthcoming season. 

Ladies have learnt mocktail of their own choice, some wants sweet, some tangy some spicy. They were mesmerized to come to know that even mocktail can be spiced-up and when Mosaic bartender presented the preparation…wow...was the only world which could come from their mouth.

Every mocktail was refreshing enough to take ladies into a rejuvenating world. Mosaic Hotels has taught ladies Litchi Paradise, Mango Twister, Guava Merry, Green Apple Mojito, Watermelon Mojito so on. Ladies have given the attention, jotted down and went with happy mood of enjoying scorching summers with friends and family.

Mosaic Hotels, Noida celebrated Women’s day

Mosaic Hotels have raised a toast to celebrate women’s aura on their special day, 8th March. Many ladies from Corporate, lifestyle and social circle have come to attend this event. First of all, colorful and flavorful mocktails like Peach Mojito and Watermelon Mojito have given warm welcome to all ladies.  Then they were taken to a cozy ans serene side of the hotel for a spa treatment. Sector 18 based Glory Spa experts have pampered ladies with various express therapies like Foot Rituals, Neck-Shoulder massage, Head massage etc. After spa, ladies were in blissful mode.

Everybody has expressed their views for today woman who is standing out in society significantly. Shabnam Roshan Ara said that “Today’s woman stands for power, integrity, values and culture. She writes her own script to explore and evolve to expand her space to stars. She is a 'rebel', least threatened by failures.” On the other hand, Anushree Gupta from Uflex expresses her opinion about women “Women are hardwired to affirm life. They have a natural love of people, diversity, and community”.

Prachi Dubey from Career Builder has said that Today’s women is “Women of Substance”. She is the same, as always, delicate, soft hearted, filled with emotions, a caring mother, a loving daughter, a concerned sister, understanding and supporting wife. At the same time she is strong enough to stand against the world for herselves, her kids and family. She knows what the best for her family is? She is today independent yet responsible, carefree yet careful. She has opinions, and she knows how to be herselves yet being the responsible lady of the house. She is truly a “Women of substance”. Dimple Nepali thinks woman is God’s creativity who is always occupied in some innovative creativity that takes world ahead. She says ” Today's women......when this word comes to our mind we can imagine a lady with small baby or a lady driving a car or a lady doing some job or a lady who is cooking...but we never imagine a woman sitting idle… This is what women is all about - a continuous flow of energy”. 

Kavitha Sharma from GIG considers woman a balanced personality. According to her “Today, women are central to our families and our economy. More women than ever are working outside the home, heading households and leading in the workplace. And she able to manage the both at her best”. For such powerful and great views for women, Shoppers Stop has treasured ladies with a beautiful gift which they found closer to their heart. 

 All divas have enjoyed the lavish lunch. For non-vegetarians, Chicken Khurcan Tart, Mutton Boti Ke Taco and Armitsari Masala Baked Fish were served on table and vegetarian relished Achari Paneer Tikka Tart, Matar Mushroom ke Taco, Chatpata Mater Paneer Quesadilla. An array of soup and salad kept diet conscious women indulged in. Main course was perfect concoction of Indian, Italian and continental delicacies. At the end, wrapping up the meal with sinful desserts like Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake, Oreo Cheese Cake and Butter scotch ice-cream. On the special occasion of women, Mosaic Hotels have pampered ladies with perfect hospitality which they found memorable forever.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Celebrate Women’s Day at Mosaic

She is determine, sincere, committed, strong, calm even under the pressure, decision maker, initiative taker in every aspect of her life, whether that is family or profession, relations or society, culture, rituals or so on… She is omnipresent…her grace and aura are all around. She is WOMAN…such an empowered personality. A day is dedicated to her…8th March…for her achievements and success, but if we think the world is growing day by day…it’s all women’s efforts.

Mosaic Hotels salutes to all women. On the special occasion of Women, Mosaic Hotels at Noida celebrates womanhood in a leisure way and offers flat 40% discount to all ladies at Flluid and Latitude restaurants. People, who accompany her, would also enjoy this exclusive benefit. After all it’s her day, whether she is being treated or she is treating to her friends or family, everybody would be showered with 40% discount due to her majesty.  

Come and celebrate International Women’s Day at Mosaic on 8th March and enjoy the grace of her once again lavishly. For reservations, call on 9650711665.