Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A Scrumptious Blogger Meet

When group of food connoisseurs meet on one table, then even food rings its triumph. Recently Hotel Mosaic has invited to all bloggers to relish the new menu of Flluid restaurant. Flluid new menu focuses on perfect connotation of cuisines, unique presentation and healthy preparation. A long spread of table was ready to do warm welcome of foodies with luxuriously cozy sofas. Blogger Sudipto De from “Salt & Sandals”, Pradeep Chamaria from “Exatraveller”, Charu Lamba from “Chattori Aunty”, Shipra from “Chick Life Byte”, Apurva Saxena from ”Kalapallate”, Abhishek Swarup from “Mystic Foodie Mantra”, Supriya Himanshu from “Allwhatshewants”, Nupur from “Chatpati Diary” and many more had come. During the span of bloggers mingling and greeting, a buzz has come in the air when welcome drink arrives. Everybody started looking at each-other, whispering and gesturing around. Actually bloggers were served drink in chilled Hip Flask (Pauwa). Looking at guests mysterious faces, a steward smiled and inform to all that this has “Sweet Sunrise” mocktail. Surprisingly it was in very controlled temperature rather than chilled. Bloggers were happy. It was their very first such a happening welcome drink. Following it even amuse bouche was also getting attention as it arrived in a small miniature of antique iron (press).

Flluid values the precious timings of its guests. That’s why restaurant makes full effort to convert eating-out in an experience, a life time memory. Hence before food, excitement and enthusiasm were served through unique presentation. Now starters were being served. Dishes were arriving on table as a model walks on ramp, then what, all bloggers were ready with their camera, light, click…clicks….. Finally they were settled down with an extra platter for clicking on each table. Before bloggers indulge in food, they were quite mesmerized with the way food was appearing. All dishes were coming in a wooden platter with the demarcation of Red and Green as non-veg and veg. Burger arrives in 3 mini forms, different in bun colors, red of beetroot, green of spinach and white made of kulcha, accompanying French fries loaded in shopping trolley miniature. Bloggers relished tart in Indian flavor “Chicken Kurchan Tart” and “Achari Paneer Tikka Tart”.

Health conscious foodies, who say big no-no to creamy n cheese affair, got excited to see “Amritsari Masala Baked Fish”. All eyes kept opened when Caesar Salad traveled to the plate in bun basket. Bloggers appreciated the subtle taste of food. Neither strong flavor of Indian spices nor cream and cheese abundance in foreign cuisines, left people crave for more. 

Finally meal was wrapped up with a sweet delicacy. A Cheese Cake has come in full attitude on the bed of Gulab Jamun. A breathtaking combination satiated to all. Finally all bloggers left impressed. 

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