Friday, 4 December 2015

Flluid new menu launch

When life becomes faster than a metro train, even taking out leisure time for a leisure moment gets difficult, our well traveled persona look for world cuisine, but soul lies in Indian flavors, when dinning out becomes a rediscovery, then a new generated cuisine comes in a picture. Flluid restaurant at Mosaic Hotel has launched its new menu considering the requirements of today society, pre-plated concept, presentation which drives you crazy, perfect concoction of cuisines, super slashed down prizes, a new revolution in culinary world.  

The creators of extra-ordinary menu are Executive Chef Vijayant Rawat and Executive Sous Chef Rakesh Painuli, whose specialties lies in Indian, Mexican, Lebanese, Thai and Continental cuisines. Ordering a simple burger is a magical here. 3 mini burgers come in 3 different flavors and colors. The more you explore this cuisine, more you get evolve with. Quick meal Quesadilla, Enchiladas, Sandwich, Hot Dog come with the compliments of salad, French fries and other condiments. Wonders do not stop here. Innovatively served platter not only tantalizes your taste buds but eye appealing up to the level to create enthusiasm. Food is being presents in miniatures of antique iron (used for cloth pressing), Belan Chakli (used for making rotis); Shopping trolleys (used in malls & shopping centers), cooker etc. Even the beverages are being served in boot shaped glass; glass with shark face, glass with a skull, hop side down glass, Hip Flask etc.

Vegetarians can relish from a long list of savory delicacies includes Purani Dilli Chaat platter, Caesar Salad, Vada Pav,  Paneer Tikka Kulcha, Naan Pizza and many more. For non vegetarian connoisseurs, the menu comprises of sumptuous dishes like Chicken Khurchan Tart, Spicy Mexican Chicken Salad, Mutton Boti Ke Taco, Amritsari Masala Baked Fish, Chilli Chicken Spring Roll and the famous Bucket of Burgers are a few new comfort food dishes introduced in the menu. The dessert selection also got enhanced with irresistible offerings like Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake, Mava Gujiya Toffee Sauce, Makhmali Nazakat, etc. All these are available at an unbelievable price tag which no one can beat!

So, come with your family and friends and enjoy the most of these improvised food platters, choicest beverages and delicious desserts at most affordable prices at Flluid and walk away with a wonderful memory of all times. Flluid at Mosaic Hotels, Noida opens from 11.00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.  all days.

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