Friday, 11 March 2016

Mosaic Hotels, Noida celebrated Women’s day

Mosaic Hotels have raised a toast to celebrate women’s aura on their special day, 8th March. Many ladies from Corporate, lifestyle and social circle have come to attend this event. First of all, colorful and flavorful mocktails like Peach Mojito and Watermelon Mojito have given warm welcome to all ladies.  Then they were taken to a cozy ans serene side of the hotel for a spa treatment. Sector 18 based Glory Spa experts have pampered ladies with various express therapies like Foot Rituals, Neck-Shoulder massage, Head massage etc. After spa, ladies were in blissful mode.

Everybody has expressed their views for today woman who is standing out in society significantly. Shabnam Roshan Ara said that “Today’s woman stands for power, integrity, values and culture. She writes her own script to explore and evolve to expand her space to stars. She is a 'rebel', least threatened by failures.” On the other hand, Anushree Gupta from Uflex expresses her opinion about women “Women are hardwired to affirm life. They have a natural love of people, diversity, and community”.

Prachi Dubey from Career Builder has said that Today’s women is “Women of Substance”. She is the same, as always, delicate, soft hearted, filled with emotions, a caring mother, a loving daughter, a concerned sister, understanding and supporting wife. At the same time she is strong enough to stand against the world for herselves, her kids and family. She knows what the best for her family is? She is today independent yet responsible, carefree yet careful. She has opinions, and she knows how to be herselves yet being the responsible lady of the house. She is truly a “Women of substance”. Dimple Nepali thinks woman is God’s creativity who is always occupied in some innovative creativity that takes world ahead. She says ” Today's women......when this word comes to our mind we can imagine a lady with small baby or a lady driving a car or a lady doing some job or a lady who is cooking...but we never imagine a woman sitting idle… This is what women is all about - a continuous flow of energy”. 

Kavitha Sharma from GIG considers woman a balanced personality. According to her “Today, women are central to our families and our economy. More women than ever are working outside the home, heading households and leading in the workplace. And she able to manage the both at her best”. For such powerful and great views for women, Shoppers Stop has treasured ladies with a beautiful gift which they found closer to their heart. 

 All divas have enjoyed the lavish lunch. For non-vegetarians, Chicken Khurcan Tart, Mutton Boti Ke Taco and Armitsari Masala Baked Fish were served on table and vegetarian relished Achari Paneer Tikka Tart, Matar Mushroom ke Taco, Chatpata Mater Paneer Quesadilla. An array of soup and salad kept diet conscious women indulged in. Main course was perfect concoction of Indian, Italian and continental delicacies. At the end, wrapping up the meal with sinful desserts like Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake, Oreo Cheese Cake and Butter scotch ice-cream. On the special occasion of women, Mosaic Hotels have pampered ladies with perfect hospitality which they found memorable forever.

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