Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Launch of Kavita Devgan’s “Don’t Diet”

In today’s hectic life, nobody has time. We often skip our meals, time crunch compels us to jump upon junk food…no time for sun…insufficient water intake….end result is body getting fatter and weak from inside. As and when we realize, we rush to gym or yoga teacher or fitness experts or dietitian, nutritionist etc. Helplessly we follow their instructions, diet plan and try hard to inculcate it in our daily life. We continue it with full efforts for few days and get back to previous routine very soon as eating only 1 food item entire day again and again or keeping yourself on boiled food gets very tedious. Taking out time for gymming or yoga seems just impossible in the hustle-bustle day.

Here comes the Nutritionist and Weight Management Consultant Kavita Devgan who firstly analyze your lifestyle and then accordingly suggests the diet and exercise, so that one can follow it easily. She would never suggest to devote half and hour for yoga or gym, but she would strictly prohibit you for lift usage at home and office. According to her healthy fat (nuts, seeds, olive oil, sesame oil) is must for healthy living. She doesn’t believe in following a rigorous diet chat, instead achieving of smaller targets like not to skip the breakfast, drink 8-10 glasses of water etc. and rewarding oneself to keep the motivation up. If one is able to complete the targets for a week or 10 days, either go for movie or get pedicure or spa and all in order to inspire oneself to continue it in routine.

In fact Kavita Devgan understands the limitations of busy schedule and importance of staying fit. That’s why she has come up with her book “Don’t Diet” which is designed in the form of a manual with 50 habits divided into mind, food and lifestyle, each chapter with easy to follow advice and todo’s, with enough real life example to keep everyone motivated; it also has a 3 month health calendar, multiple tools to help a person lose weight and gain health, and a 3 month diary in the end where a person can log in details to keep himself/herself accountable. The format is in fact quite like the way Kavita Devgan practices with her clients... so this is basically more than just a self help book - it's a complete package, where people can design their own program and pick and change the habits they want to with the help of suggestions in the book.

Mosaic Hotels, Noida has launched the book recently. Guests were mesmerized with Kavita’s initiatives. Everybody was showering the wishes and compliments for her new venture. Jaico Publishing House has published the book. JAICO is at the forefront of publishing life-changing works by eminent authors in all spheres and has been doing so since its inception 68 years ago. While business titles, self-help, religion and philosophy and mind/body/spirit form the cornerstone of its non-fiction list. Jaico publishes an exciting range of travel, current affairs, biography and popular science books as well.

“Don’t Diet” is available at all prominent book stores. It can be purchase through online as well. One can order on amazon here ow.ly/XliA1

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