Monday, 14 March 2016

SuperFit Sunday at Mosaic Hotels, Noida

Being a business Hotel, Mosaic is always concerned about professionals who work for more than 8-9 hours in front of desktop. Hectic schedule, long travelling hours, family commitments and social involvements never give space for exercising or gymming. Hence, after certain years, neck, back and shoulder pain, headache, eyestrain and overuse injuries of the arms and hands are the usual lifestyle diseases office goers face of. These ailments can be easily avoided by following simple exercise regimen on a daily basis. That’s why Mosaic Hotels has come up with SuperFit Sunday in association with FitMeIn and Soy For You.

Mosaic Hotels, Noida invited people from corporate world on Sunday, 13th March at 8 am for SuperFit Sunday. Fitness Experts from FitMeIn has taken a session of curated Desktop Yoga and Boot Camp. Nidhisha Varshney, Co-founder & CEO FitMeIn says “Desktop Yoga has been conceptualized in a way that while working on a system, professionals can twist and turn the body parts which are more ailments prone. It would not take much time, but surely and certainly take them towards healthy living.”

Healthy eating is another key factor of professionals’ health. Dependency on junk food is the major concern. Ankita, proprietor of Soy For You says “skipping breakfast or lunch and jumping on chips or burger or cold drink is very hazardous for health. That’s why Soy For You has come up with the healthy options.” Soy For You produces Soy milk and Tofu. Masala tofu and flavoured Soy milk are the healthy snack items of the brand. All the professionals who have attended SuperFit Sunday, tasted flavoured Soy milk as well.   

After the session, a scrumptious healthy breakfast was served at Flluid. Idli with coconut chutney, vegetable poha, vegetable daliya, Tofu & Soya Granules Grilled Cutlet, Egg White Masala Scrambled Egg, Chicken Ham Slice, Fruit tart, Tofu salad and much more were the low calories delicacies. Everybody enjoyed the fresh and rejuvenating Sunday.

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